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Wing of a female Leptophyes. boscii (left) and L. discoidalis (right).

Leptophyes discoidalis in Croatia

19 January 2014 • Roy Kleukers

Leptophyes discoidalis has an eastern distribution in Europe. In this paper the two westernmost records are presented, one in Serbia and one in Croatia. This represents the first country record…

Iberian Meconematinae

7 January 2014 • Roy Kleukers

In this new contribution on the Iberian Meconematinae much new information is provided. It contains the first record of Meconema meriodionale of the Iberian peninsula, the description of the male…

Myrmecophilus acervorum from Germany. Photo Rene Krekels.

Ant crickets of Central Europe

20 December 2013 • Roy Kleukers

The ant crickets ( Myrmecophilus ) are one the Orthoptera groups in Europe which are diffcult to identify. In a new paper light is shed on the distribution and identification…

Omocestus minutus male, from Greece.

Omocestus minutus in Hungary

20 December 2013 • Roy Kleukers

In 2009 Omocestus minutus was recorded for the first time from Hungary. Since then it has been found on several localities on the Great Plain. Some of these could have…

Female Orchamus gracilis. Photo E. Friedrich.

Sound production in a female of Orchamus gracilis

20 December 2013 • Roy Kleukers

In 2012 Günter Köhler held a female of Orchamus gracilis in his study for 2,5 months. To his surprise he heard the grasshopper making a sudden rustling sound of less…

Metrioptera brachyptera female.

Metrioptera brachyptera new to Spain

20 December 2013 • Roy Kleukers

Being a common species throughout Europe, it is quite surprising that Metrioptera brachyptera was not known from the Iberian Peninsula. The species was discovered on the Spanish part of the…

Odontura stenoxypha, male. Sicily 2006.

Phylogeny of Odontura

19 December 2013 • Roy Kleukers

A new study of molecular characters of the genus Odontura showes the monophyly of the genus. Two subgenera are recognised: Odontura and Odonturella . The two Sicilian taxa proved to…

Meeting DGfO 2014 in Salzburg

12 December 2013 • Roy Kleukers

The 13th meeting of the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Orthopterologie (DGfO) will be held in Salzburg (Austria), from 28- 30 March. The meeting is a very good opportunity to meet orthopterists…

Nemobius interstitialis , male and female.

A new, mute Nemobius from Spain

26 November 2013 • Roy Kleukers

In Guadarrama mountains (Madrid, Spain) a new species of cricket was found: Nemobius interstitialis . It lives mainly underground and was caught with special traps. It is closely related to…

Book on fauna Durmitor

26 November 2013 • Roy Kleukers

Recently the first volume of the new monograph series Fauna Balkana was published. Orthoptera are the main focus, with two papers on the orthopteroid fauna of Durmitor by Dragan Pavicevic…