foto: © Paul van Hoof


Lluciapomaresius nisae. Photo J.M. Olmo-Vidal.

Lluciapomaresius nisae spec. nov.

21 January 2017 • Roy Kleukers

Lluciapomaresius nisae is described from from the Serra de Llaberia in Catalonia. The new species is similar to L. panteli from which it can be separated by the shape of…

Parapholidoptera castaneoviridis from Romania

First record of Parapholidoptera castaneoviridis in Romania

8 January 2017 • Roy Kleukers

The genus Parapholidoptera comprises of 21 species, of which P. castaneoviridis is the most western species. in 2016 a population of P. castaneoviridis was discovered near Ciucurova (county Tulcea) in…

Pholidoptera macedonica. Photo M. Lemonnier-Darcemont.

Pholidoptera macedonica new to Serbia

21 December 2016 • Roy Kleukers

Research in southern Serbia revealed the first records for Pholidoptera macedonica from this country. The species was found near to the border with Macedonia. The old records of Vichetia knipperi…

The Adriatic marbled bush-cricket Zeuneriana marmorata, an endangered species on the European red list. 

More than 1000 Orthoptera on IUCN global red list

8 December 2016 • Roy Kleukers

The IUCN Red List has recently been updated and now more than 1000 Orthoptera species are included in the global red list. These come mostly from the recent activities for…

DNA barcoding central European Orthoptera

8 December 2016 • Roy Kleukers

An international research team has barcoded a substantial part of the central European grasshoppers. In total 127 of the 162 taxa occuring in Germany, Austria and Switzerland were analysed, and…