Spectacular new Tettigonia from the Balkan

Roy Kleukers

An international team has revealed that the populations of Tettigonia cantans in the southern Balkan actually belong to a new species: Tettigonia balcanica.  The species differs in the song, titillators, shape of the wings, stridulatory area, ovipositor and other characters. The new species occurs in the mountains of the Western and Central Balkan Peninsula: Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Greece and Bulgaria. 


Source: Chobanov, D.P., M. Lemonnier-Darcemont, C. Darcemont, G. Puskás,  K.G. Heller 2014. Tettigonia balcanica, a new species from the Balkan Peninsula (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae). Entomologia 2 (2): 95-106. http://sei.pagepress.org/entomologia/article/view/209