Grasshoppers of Europe

Large Tree-cricket Oecanthus dulcisonans

Photo: Roy Kleukers

New field guide Czech Republic

Roy Kleukers - 2 May 2013

In this field guide a team of researchers present the 86 species of Orthoptera known from the Czech Republic. The field guide contains an identification key and species treatments inspired by the classic Bellmann guide, with many original photographs and sound recordings on the accompanying cd. It is written in Czech and will surely be an enormous stimulans to Orthoptera studies in the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries.


Source: P. Kočárek, J. Holuša, R. Vlk & P. Marhoul 2013. Rovnokřídlí České republiky (Insecta: Orthoptera).  Academia Praha.

ISBN 978-80-200-2173-1