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Black-spotted Toothed Grasshopper Stenobothrus nigromaculatus

Photo: Pavel Marhoul

New book on Slovenian Orthoptera

Roy Kleukers - 5 August 2014

Recently a new book on Slovenian Orthoptera has been published by Stanislav Gomboc and Blaz Šegula. The book focusses on the 97 singing species, but also contains a revised checklist for Slovenia, containing 157 species. Several species are reported here for the first time from Slovenia and five species are deleted from the list.  The songs are included on the DVD, which is published with the book. 

Source: Gomboc, S. & B. Šegula 2014. Pojoče kobilice Slovenije/Singing Orthoptera of Slovenia. EGEA, Zavod za naravo, Ljubljana: 1-240 with DVD: Šegula B., Gomboc S. 2014: Pojoče kobilice Slovenije/Singing Orthoptera of Slovenia. Napevi/Songs. EGEA, Zavod za naravo, Ljubljana.

To be purchased at Price 35 euro.