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New edition field guide Pyrenees

10 February 2012 • Roy Kleukers

A new edition of the booklet of The Orthoptera fauna of the Pyrenean region will be available soon. It concerns a field guide, published as Beiheft 14 of Articulata. An…

Odontura arcuata, male. Photo Roy Kleukers.

The Orthoptera of Sicily summarised

2 February 2012 • Roy Kleukers

In a new paper all information on Sicilian Orthoptera is compiled. In total 127 species are known, belonging to 83 genera. 20 taxa are endemic, including interesting species like Odontura…

Aeropedellus variegatus, male. 7-viii-2010, Schönjöchl (Austria). Photo Frank Dziock.

Aeropedellus variegatus new to Austria

14 November 2011 • Roy Kleukers

In 2010 research at Nordtirol yielded the first population of Aeropedellus variegates in Austria. The species was found at Schönjöchl at a height of 2450 m. This is an important…

Revision of the Poecilimon hamatus group

14 November 2011 • Roy Kleukers

In this paper the new subgenus Hamatopoecilimon is erected. This group consists of Poecilomon hamatus and related species, the most basal group within Poecilimon . The species included in this…

Revision of Sphingonotus translated

14 November 2011 • Roy Kleukers

In the latest volume of Matériaux Orthoptériques et Entomocénotiques the paper of Benediktov (2009, Travaux de la Société russe d’entomologie 80: 21-33) has been translated in French. This makes important…

ISV Proceedings available

18 September 2011 • Baudewijn Odé

The Invertebrate Sound and Vibration meeting which took place in June 2011 in Columbia was very successful. Everyone left the meeting inspired and invigorated, looking forward to the ISV 2013…

Metrioptera amplipennis, male, from Cernavoda, Romania. Note the curiously shaped cerci. Photo Ionut Iorgu.

Two new Metrioptera species for Romania

29 August 2011 • Roy Kleukers

Two new species of Metrioptera are reported from Romania: M. amplipennis and M. oblongicollis . The first is a very rare species, which is found on the shores of the…

Call for Macedonian Orthoptera

19 August 2011 • Michèle Lemonnier-Darcemont

Currently a red list of the Orthoptera of the Republic of Macedonia is being compiled. The publication is anticipated at the end of 2012. The team, consisting of Michèle Lemonnier-Darcemont,…

The mysterious cricket Natula averni

19 July 2011 • Baudewijn Odé

In the most recent volume of Articulata new data are given on the minute cricket Natula averni. Until 2000 only the type specimens from Naples (around 1850) were known. Recently…

Bradyporus (Callimenus) toros, male, Bucak, 13-6-2009. One of the five newly described species. Photo Roy Kleukers.

Revision Bradyporinae of Turkey

10 July 2011 • Roy Kleukers

In a recent Zootaxa paper Mustafa Ünal has revised the Bradyporinae of Turkey. Bradyporinae are very large ground-dwelling bush-crickets which live in open fields where the males produce a loud…