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Tettigonia balcanica, male holotype in nature.

Spectacular new Tettigonia from the Balkan

20 October 2014 • Roy Kleukers

An international team has revealed that the populations of Tettigonia cantans in the southern Balkan actually belong to a new species: Tettigonia balcanica . The species differs in the song,…

Traditional acoustic studies can be supplemented by automated acoustic monitoring. 

Automated acoustic monitoring

20 October 2014 • Roy Kleukers

Acoustic emisions are crucial in the live of grasshoppers, as the females choose their mates based on the male song. Researchers use the songs to recognize the different species. A…

Polish specimen of Meconema meridionale, female.  

Meconema meridionale in Poland

15 September 2014 • Roy Kleukers

In recent decades Meconema meridionale has vastly expanded its range, especially in western Europe. It doesn’t have functional wings, but is transported by cars. In 2013 the species was found…

Male of Chorthippus smardai. 

Chorthippus smardai from Slovakia

15 September 2014 • Roy Kleukers

Recently Chorthippus smardai was described from Belianske Tatry mountains in northern Slovakia. The new species is related to Chorthippus parallelus and C. montanus and lives high in the mountains (>…

Holotype of Tetrix transsylvanica hypsocorypha

Groundhopper news from Croatia and Serbia

28 August 2014 • Roy Kleukers

In this review of Tetrigidae from Croatia much new information is given. The first records of Tetrix undulata for Croatia and Serbia are presented and the first records of Tetrix…

Fat Newshopper

28 August 2014 • Roy Kleukers

In August the IUCN SSC Grasshopper Specialist Group has published a thick Newshopper, packed with interesting contributions on endangered Orthoptera. The content varies from red list assessments of South-Arfrican species…

New book on Slovenian Orthoptera

5 August 2014 • Roy Kleukers

Recently a new book on Slovenian Orthoptera has been published by Stanislav Gomboc and Blaz Šegula. The book focusses on the 97 singing species, but also contains a revised checklist…

Swiss Orthoptera app

30 July 2014 • Baudewijn Odé

Florin Rutschmann and Christian Roesti have made an Orthoptera app for the 119 species from Germany and Switzerland. Most information is also available on , but the multi-entry key…

Isophya kraussi moldavica. Photo Ionut Iorgu.

Four new species to Moldova

23 May 2014 • Roy Kleukers

An extensive study of the Orthoptera fauna of surroundings the Prut River, forming the border between Romania and the Republic of Moldova. It proves to be a very grasshopper rich…

Male of Myrmecophilus fuscus. Photo Thomas Stalling. 

A new ant-cricket from Mallorca

31 March 2014 • Roy Kleukers

Myrmecophilus fuscus is described from Serra de Tramuntana mountain range on Mallorca. Before this discovery M. acervorum and M. ochracea were published from Mallorca, but most probably only the new…