News Archive 2017

One of the illustrated species in the new Newshopper: Pardalota karschiana. Photo Piotr Naskrecki.

New Newshopper

24 March 2017 • Roy Kleukers

Hot off the digital press: the new Newshopper of the IUCN SSC Grasshopper Specialist Group. This 45-page newsletter contains a wealth of information on grasshopper conservation around the world. From…

The newly described Nocaracris istanbul. Photo Mustafa Ünal.


Nocaracris istanbul

14 March 2017 • Roy Kleukers

A recent revision of the pamphagid tribe Nocarodeini has revealed a new species, Nocaracris istanbul . It is described from the European part of Turkey. In this impressive 200+ page…

More than 25% of European Orthoptera endangered

10 February 2017 • Baudewijn Odé

This week the first IUCN red list of European Orthoptera has been published. More than 25% of the 1082 species is threatened with extinction. The list is prepared by more…

Oscillogram of the male calling song of Isophya fatrensis and other Isophya species of the Carpathians.

Specific status of Isophya fatrensis confirmed

31 January 2017 • Roy Kleukers

The first detailed study of the bioacoustics of Isophya fatrensis has been published. This species was described as recently as 2007 and is endemic to the Slovakian western Carpathian mountains.…

Lluciapomaresius nisae. Photo J.M. Olmo-Vidal.

Lluciapomaresius nisae spec. nov.

21 January 2017 • Roy Kleukers

Lluciapomaresius nisae is described from the Serra de Llaberia in Catalonia. The new species is similar to L. panteli from which it can be separated by the shape of the…

Parapholidoptera castaneoviridis from Romania

First record of Parapholidoptera castaneoviridis in Romania

8 January 2017 • Roy Kleukers

The genus Parapholidoptera comprises of 21 species, of which P. castaneoviridis is the most western species. in 2016 a population of P. castaneoviridis was discovered near Ciucurova (county Tulcea) in…