News Archive 2012

Book on Italian Orthoptera

31 December 2012 • Roy Kleukers

At the end of 2012 a book on Orthoptera in the series Fauna d’Italia was published. It is the first book treating all Italian 380 taxa (349 species). The book…

Poecilimon fussii, male. Photo Ionut Iorgu.

Croatian novelties

31 December 2012 • Roy Kleukers

A Hungarian team has investigated the Orthoptera fauna of Papuk mountain in northeastern Croatia in 2007 and 2008. In total 64 species were found, among which five new country records:…

Isophya dochia. Photo Ionut Iorgu.

A new cryptic Isophya from Romania

22 December 2012 • Roy Kleukers

The genus Isophya has revealed many surprising new insights in the last years. In a recent paper in Zookeys Ionut Iorgu describes yet another Isophya species from the Romanian Carpathians:…

Lucasia nigromarginata . Photo P. Fontana.

Generic revision Ephippigerini

12 December 2012 • Roy Kleukers

A thorough and beautifully illustrated revision at the genus level for the complex group of the Ephippigerinae. This results in many species being transferred to other genera. Several of them…

Grasshoppers & crickets

1 December 2012 • Roy Kleukers

The newest volume in the prestiguous New Naturalist series treats the Orthoptera. The 532-page book contains an extensive introduction to the grasshoppers and crickets, focussing mainly on tunctional morphology, life…

Isophya nagyi, male.

Isophya in eastern Europe

26 November 2012 • Roy Kleukers

In the last decades bioacoustic research has shown that the genus Isophya is much more species rich than previously thought. Gergely Szövényi and co-workers have described Isophya nagyi from the…

Svercus palmetorum, male.

Cricket news

26 November 2012 • Roy Kleukers

Recently several new interesting records for the European crickets have been published. Modicogryllus truncatus was found for the first time in Hungary (Szövényi 2012). Furthermore the occurrence of Svercus palmetorum…

New French AudioCD Bushcrickets

1 June 2012 • Baudewijn Odé

Recently, a new audio CD of Fernand Deroussen with 55 French species of bushcrickets (Ensifera, superfamily Tettigonioidea) has been published. It contains a collection of high quality sound recordings, all…

Invertebrate Sound and Vibration 2013

6 March 2012 • Roy Kleukers

The 14th Invertebrate Sound and Vibration conference will be held in Europe, in Glasgow (United Kingdom). The venue will take place in July 23-26, 2013. More information can be found…

DGfO meeting Bernburg (23-25 March 2012)

10 February 2012 • Roy Kleukers

From 23-25 March the next meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Orthopterologie will be held in Bernburg. The meeting is attended by mainly German orthopterists and consists of many interesting…

New edition field guide Pyrenees

10 February 2012 • Roy Kleukers

A new edition of the booklet of The Orthoptera fauna of the Pyrenean region will be available soon. It concerns a field guide, published as Beiheft 14 of Articulata. An…

Odontura arcuata, male. Photo Roy Kleukers.

The Orthoptera of Sicily summarised

2 February 2012 • Roy Kleukers

In a new paper all information on Sicilian Orthoptera is compiled. In total 127 species are known, belonging to 83 genera. 20 taxa are endemic, including interesting species like Odontura…