News Archive 2010

Isophya sicula , female.

A new Isophya species from Romania

16 November 2010 • Roy kleukers

Recently a new Isophya species was discovered in Harghita Bâi, Romania: I. sicula . The species is morphologically similar to I. posthumoidalis and I. camptoxypha , but the male calling…

First sound guide for Spain (Catalunya)

10 October 2010 • Baudewijn Odé

This publication is available since last August. The CD is contained in a well-designed small booklet in Catalan language. It presents many of the singing species of the Catalan Orthoptera…

Eumodicogryllus bordigalensis from Greece. Photo Roy Kleukers.

Eumodicogryllus bordigalensis discovered in the Netherlands

31 August 2010 • Roy Kleukers

On August 19 Dutch entomologist Jaap Bouwman discovered a small population of Eumodicogryllus bordigalensis along a railway track in Ede, in the central part of the Netherlands. This is the…

Phaneroptera falcata from Bornholm. Photo Lars Iversen.

Phaneroptera falcata has arrived in Denmark

24 August 2010 • Roy kleukers

On August 6, 2010 a group of Danish entomologists (Simon Waagner, Erik Dylmer, Kent Olsen and Lars Iversen) visited the island Bornholm in the south of Denmark. During their fieldwork…

Ephippiger ephippiger. Photo Patrice Pfaeuti.

Wanted dead or alive: Bradyporinae

17 August 2010 • Nadir Alvarez

The research group in ecology and evolution of the University of Lausanne (Switzerland), aims at resolving the phylogeny of the Bradyporinae (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae) based on molecular markers. This subfamily is…

Right tegmen of Pachytrachis tumidus.

Orthoptera of the Durmitor area

16 August 2010 • Roy Kleukers

In the period 1985-1995 a study was made of the Orthoptera of the Durmitor area in Montenegro. The region proved to be extremely rich with more than a 100 species…

Sphingonotus caerulans from Arnhem. Foto Rob Felix. 

Sphingonotus caerulans in the Netherlands

16 August 2010 • Roy Kleukers

On July 18, 2010 a small population of Sphingonotus caerulans was discovered in the centre of Rotterdam, the first record for the Netherlands. The site, an abandoned railroad yard, was…

Pholidoptera frivaldskyi, one of the eight new species on the Macedonian list. Photo Roy Kleukers.

New checklist Macedonia

6 August 2010 • Roy Kleukers

Recently a critical checklist was published on the Orthoptera of Macedonia. The authors studied the collection of the natural history museum in Skopje, the literature and included some own records.…

European Redlisting of Orthoptera (ERO)

9 July 2010 • Baudewijn Odé

One of the activities of the recently founded IUCN Grasshopper Specialist Group (GSG) is the redlisting of all European Orthoptera in the next few years. The European Redlisting of Orthoptera…

Podisma amedegnatoae. Photo Paolo Fontana.

Christiane Amedegnato passed away

28 June 2010 • Paolo Fontana

On June 20, 2010 Christiane Amedegnato passed away after a short sickbed. She was a world specialist on southern American acridids, working at National Museum of Natural History in Paris…

Leptophyes calabra

Two new Leptophyes species from Italy

21 June 2010 • Roy Kleukers

In a recent volume of Zootaxa two new species of Leptophyes from southern Italy have been described: L. calabra from Calabria and L. sicula from Sicily. The species are closely…

Zeuneriana abbreviata. Photo Miguel Angel Domingo.

Key Orthoptera Pyrenees

29 May 2010 • Roy Kleukers

In the last 'Beiheft' of Articulata a key and overview to the Orthoptera fauna of the Pyrenean region is presented, based on a literature search and own field work of…

Distribution of S. cotticus (triangles) and S. rubicundulus (dots).

New data on Stenobothrus cotticus

3 May 2010 • Roy Kleukers

Dirk Berger and colleagues have published a paper on the remarkable distribution of Stenobothrus cotticus . This species was known from the southwestern Alps and was discovered recently in the…

Die Stimmen der Heuschrecken

21 February 2010 • Baudewijn Odé

Recently, a new German guide on the songs of European grasshoppers has been published. "Die Stimmen der Heusckrecken" has been comprised by Christian Roesti and Bruno Keist. It contains a…

DGfO meeting in Mainz (5-7 March)

1 February 2010 • Roy Kleukers

The bi-annual meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Orthopterologie (DGfO) will this year be held in Mainz, Germany (5-7 March). During the meeting interesting lectures are interspersed with discussions, pub…

The fieldcricket (Gryllus campestris) is one of the four Orthoptera species to be included in the IUCN project Species of the Day. Photo René Krekels.

IUCN Specialist Group Orthoptera

1 February 2010 • Baudewijn Odé

Last week the foundation of the Specialist Group Orthoptera has been approved by the IUCN Steering Committee. Chair is Axel Hochkirch of the University of Trier. The specialist group will…

Metaleptea issue 30 (1)

25 January 2010 • Roy Kleukers

The newest issue of the newsletter of the Orthopterists’ Society contains many interesting topics. News on the Orthoptera Species File, reports of the regional coordinators (with a large section on…

News on the Chorthippus albomarginatus - group

13 January 2010 • Roy Kleukers

Varja Vedenina and the recently deceased Otto von Helversen have recently published a comprehensive study on the Chorthippus albomarginatus - group in Europe. They have included morphology and song characters…

Fer Willemse deceased

3 January 2010 • Roy Kleukers

On 26th December, 2009 the Dutch orthopterist Fer Willemse has passed away, amidst his family in his hometown Eygelshoven. Fer was well known because of his large collection and his…