News Archive 2009

Oecanthus pellucens (showing the short hindwings), from Croatia. Photo Roy Kleukers.

Oecanthus dulcisonans in Spain

16 December 2009 • Roy Kleukers

In a recent volume of Zootaxa a group of Spanish Orthoptera researchers has shed light on the cryptic taxon Oecanthus dulcisonans . They provide field characters to distinguish it from…

Orthoptera atlas Eastern Austria

2 December 2009 • Klaus-Gerhard Heller

In november the atlas of Orthoptera and Mantodea of Eastern Austria was published. The atlas is the result of 10 years of fieldwork The full colour book is published by…

New book on Finnish Orthoptera

30 October 2009 • Roy Kleukers

Earlier this year a book on the Finnish Orthoptera was published, the first in 90 years. All Finnish species are treated, including all Swedish and Norwegian fauna. The language is…

Platycleis nigrosignata, one of the new species for Bulgaria. Photo Ionut Iorgu.

Major revision of the Orthoptera list of Bulgaria

24 October 2009 • Roy Kleukers

Dragan Chobanov presents an overview of changes in the Orthoptera list of Bulgaria in a recently published volume of Articulata. He adds nine species and one subspecies, among which Isophya…

Onconotus servillei , female. Photo Ionut Iorgu.

Photo's for more than 200 species

30 September 2009 • Roy Kleukers

In the past few weeks many photo's have been added to the website. In total 25 photographers have contributed with major recent additions by Gilles San Martin, Paul van Hoof…

Updated version French Orthoptera guide

6 August 2009 • Roy Kleukers

In June 2009 the second edition of the French version of the famous Bellmann guide has been released. The guide has been thoroughly revised, and now includes many recent Orthoptera…

Start 10th Congress of Orthopterology Antalya

20 June 2009 • Roy Kleukers

From 21-25 June 2009 the 10th International Congress of Orthopterology will be held in Antalya Turkey. In total 182 researchers from all over the world will exchange information on Orthoptera…

Revision of the Greek Chorthippus species

7 June 2009 • Roy Kleukers

In May 2009 a major revision of the Chorthippus species with angled pronotal keels of Greece was published. This paper is the result of more than 20 years of fieldwork,…

Otto von Helversen passed away

6 June 2009 • Klaus-Gerhard Heller

On March 2, 2009, five months before his pension, the renowned Orthoptera researcher Otto von Helversen passed away, as a result of a failed operation. Otto von Helversen for many…

New catalogue of French Orthoptera

6 June 2009 • Roy Kleukers

In Februari 2009 the new catalogue of French Orthoptera was published by l’ASCETE. This booklet provides actual information on the French species, with distribution maps (indicating the presence per departement)…